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Bio- and MedTech Entrepreneurship

10. April 2019
von Börsenblatt Online
From start-up to exit

This compendium gives an overview of what it takes to start and finance bio- or medtech companies introducing essential aspects of bio- and medtech entrepreneurship. The chapters are written by 30 life science start-up founders, industry experts and venture capitalists. The compilation can be read as a whole or used as a reference book by selecting individual chapters in case of specific questions. Illustrated by cartoons lending a lighter perspective to life sciences entrepreneurship.

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Bibliografische Angaben:

Heidrun Flaadt Cervini, Jörg Dogwiler
Bio- and MedTech Entrepreneurship
From start-up to exit
Università della Svizzera italiana
300 S., Hardcover, 45 Illustrationen
168,00 € (D)
ISBN 978-3-033-06813-1

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